Who We Are

Marta Ventura

Midnight Sun is directed and managed by Marta Ventura.

Marta is president of the Avalon Project – Initiative for a Culture of Peace, an educational and activist NGO that manages The Earth Stories Collection, a global bank of traditional stories from around the world aimed at educating in the construction of a socially and ecologically just civilisation. She is the author of five books, three of them of poetry, and is editor of one of the volumes of The Earth Stories Collection. She has taught Transpersonal Education courses at the University of Granada and, since 2021, she has been teaching an online course for the UNESCO Chair in Education for Sustainable Development and the Earth Charter at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica.

Marta is a qualified instructor in Qigong by the Catalan Association of Choy Li Fut, Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung, having also been a disciple of Dr. Hu Yue Xian and Master C. S. Tang, who trained her in the forms of Yi Quan and Yi Quan Qi Gong. In addition, she has been practising Zen Buddhism since 1994 at the Sambô-Zen School (Soto – Rinzai Zen).

In the field of media, Marta has a year of experience in producing and directing radio programmes and some interventions as a TV presenter in independent media in Barcelona.

Finally, Marta has also been deeply involved in environmental activism, being one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion Granada and participating in non-violent direct actions in Granada and Madrid.

Grian A. Cutanda

Author, with 18 published books, educator, psychologist, social science researcher, translator and social and environmental activist. Grian directed for six years the morning radio magazine ('top audience') of an independent radio station, Radio Requena FM, in Valencia, Spain, managing to outperform in the EGM (General Media Study) the audiences of public and private radio stations with much larger budgets.

His books (fiction and essays) have been translated into 13 languages. Among them, his bestseller The Gardener (1996), with 26 editions in Spanish, Beyond the Rainbow (1998) with 9 editions, or The Rose of Peace (2003), Associated Book at the Forum of Cultures of Barcelona 2004. However, the most significant part of his work has been emerging since 2019, with the publication of successive volumes of The Earth Stories Collection, both in English and Spanish.

Doctor Cum Laude in Educational Sciences, Master in Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences and graduate in Psychology, Grian has been a researcher at the University of Granada, where he has taught courses on Transpersonal Education, the Earth Charter and, in general, Education for Peace and Sustainability. His academic work has been published by the prestigious British scientific publishing house Routledge and has been disseminated in forums around the world, including several universities and the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland.

He is also the founder and executive director of the Avalon Project – Initiative for a Culture of Peace, an educational and activist NGO on peace, social and ecological justice issues. As an activist, he has organised campaigns and mobilisations not only in Spain, but also in Great Britain, where he was one of the organisers of the campaigns against climate change (including the People's Climate March) in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2014 and 2015. Between 2018 and 2019, together with 5 other activists, he launched the global social movement Extinction Rebellion (XR) in Spain, also collaborating in the dissemination of the movement in Latin America as regional liaison of XR Global, and subsequently participating in the organisation of global campaigns against climate change, mass extinction of species, fracking and mega-mining. His most notable action took place in August-September 2021, when, together with Irish activist Karen Killeen, Grian went on hunger strike for 33 days as part of the global Earth Fast campaign, organised by Extinction Rebellion in the UK, to demand urgent action on climate change.

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