The Earth Stories Collection – Vol. 2. Earth Stories in Action!


Grian A. Cutanda

The Earth Stories Collection Press

Third book (Volume 2) of The Earth Stories Collection, the global bank of stories capable of transmitting a systemic, ecocentric and holistic worldview and the values of the Earth Charter in order to create a fairer, ecological and peaceful civilisation.

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Volume 2 of The Earth Stories Collection, a global bank of cultural seeds aimed to transform our civilisation.

The Earth Stories Collection is a repository of myths, legends, fables and folktales from diverse cultures around the planet which are capable of transmitting a systemic, ecological and socially just worldview and of illustrating the principles and values of the Earth Charter. It is a cultural seed bank, a base of global educational resources for the construction (or reconstruction) of a deeply sustainable global society, based on social and economic justice, and values of peace and democracy. The Earth Stories Collection is an initiative launched by The Avalon Project – Initiative for a Culture of Peace, in collaboration with the Secretariat of Earth Charter International and the Scottish International Storytelling Festival.

Volume 0 of this Collection presented the research by Grian A. Cutanda that led to the creation of this project, while Volume 1 presented another research by the same author on the Myths of the Future. In the first two volumes, 75 traditional stories from all over the world were offered, to which 36 stories are now added in this Volume 2.
In the first part of this volume, storytellers, educators and academics such as Alette Willis, Dick de Groot, Malcolm Green, Catriona Blanke and Jennifer Ramsay offer some examples of their practice and experiences with the Earth Stories hoping to inspire others around the world to use them in order to build a world more socially and ecologically just.



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