The Earth Stories Collection – Vol. 0


Grian A. Cutanda

The Earth Stories Collection Press

Initial volume of The Earth Stories Collection, the global bank of stories capable of transmitting a complex-systems worldview and the values of the Earth Charter in order to create a fairer, ecological and peaceful civilisation.

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Volume 0 of The Earth Stories Collection, a global bank of cultural seeds aimed to transform our civilisation.

This book offers 45 stories (myths, legends, fables and folktales) from around the world specifically selected to convey a systemic and ecological worldview. In addition, all of them illustrate different principles and sections of the Earth Charter, the most inclusive soft-law document made by humanity about common values and ethics. In this way, this book is a wonderful educational tool, not just for parents and teachers, but also for all kind of persons trying to propitiate a change in our society in the direction of social and economic justice, non-violence and respect for the Earth and the Community of Life over her.

But, in addition to these 45 stories, the first part of the book offers, in an affordable and entertaining reading, the explanation of why these traditional stories belonging to cultures from all around the world can make a deep change in our civilisation. These explanations are based on an extensive research made by Grian Cutanda at the University of Granada, Spain, but while living in Scotland. In this research, he justified the power of traditional stories to change the worldviews (the cultural DNA) of any civilisation. In this way, The Earth Stories Collection aims to be a tool to instil a deep civilisational change.

In Volume 1, we present 30 more stories and new research on what the author calls ‘The Myths of the Future’.


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