Online Courses

Supervised Courses

In addition to the online courses that we regularly offer in Spanish through Earth Charter International, such as our course ‘Worldviews and the Earth Charter: Making another world possible through myths, legends and traditional stories’, Midnight Sun intends to offer other online courses without specific dates, so that anyone can take the course at a time that suits them. This is what we have called Unsupervised Courses (see below).

The video we offer here is the one that served as a presentation of the second edition of this course, held between 4 July and 26 August 2022.

Unsupervised Courses

Avalon: Myth, Education and Social Change

As a first proposal for an unsupervised course, we offer an online course developed for our NGO, The Avalon Project – Initiative for a Culture of Peace, which covers some of the important aspects that we also deal with in Midnight Sun. It is an introductory course for all the people who do voluntary work in Avalon, but it fulfils an important educational function even if it is not integrated into the Avalon structure, to the point that this course has already been taken by hundreds of students of the University of Granada since 2021.

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