In the face of the global social and ecological crisis we are facing, the creation of another possible world is NO LONGER AN OPTION that we can take or discard, IT IS A RESPONSIBILITY which we cannot shirk.
Grian A. Cutanda, PhD


Midnight Sun is a private initiative of social transformation that, through social media, education, art and publications, seeks to intervene in a critical way in mitigating the effects of climate change and mass species extinction, and in building a new global society based on sustainability and respect for the Community of Life on Earth, on social and economic justice, and on democracy, nonviolence and peace; in short, on the principles and values of the Earth Charter.

Towards a planetary transformation from deep personal change and action in the world


Midnight Sun subscribes to the principles and values of a very important document which has been endorsed by millions of good people of all races, cultures and religious beliefs: the Earth Charter.

In addition, our organisation does not adhere to any political party or specific religious belief, respecting the principle of freedom of thought and belief (or non-belief), while distancing itself from any kind of dogmatism or attitude of exclusivity of possession of the truth.

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